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Quarter sawn mahogany neck, Rustin's coated ebony fret board.Body is 2 piece Birchwood plywood with an oak insert with proper sound chambers.This is one of a kind, and deserves a lot of credit, Take a look you wont be disappointed!This RS was finished just a few days ago, started in April 2007 and finished .

Esteban has finished an RS replica for Daniel Gomez (MOMO).

He was inspired by the fact it was the first instrument Brian May learned to play and also by the story behind his Red Special.

Plywood body (two pieces, chambered), two piece oak centre, Mahogany neck, mahogany veneer (from Rockler), single coil strat style pickups, gotoh tuners, roller bridge, and switches (painted white) all from Stewart Mac Donald. This is Greg Bailey's homemade 'not so' Red Special; in fact this is made of aluminium, so something quite different to the norm! Greg has been building aluminium guitars for 18 years.

Mahogany veneer stained with a mix of red RIT dye and orange water based wood dye, modified Jim Reed tremolo, 60's vintage Burns Tri-sonics rewound to Brian May specs. The guitar was made in the traditional way using Block-board with hollowed out chambers and Oak inserts to give the body strength.

The hardware on Fabio's build is as follows; a Homemade knife edge tremolo unit, a Wilkinson roller bridge, Adeson pickups, and a homemade Perspex pickgaurd.

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The guitar was started by a luthier who started to build the neck and cut a piece of African mahogany for the body. Oak and mahogany construction, Original 60's Tri-Sonic pickups, Schaller locking tuners with Gotoh perloid tips. He based the construction on the 2014 plans from RS Library and other useful info from the RS-Library forum.

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