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The volume icon in the taskbar allows you changing the sound volume on Windows 10 quickly. This bug has been split from #1239710 as the branch for which changing launcher placement to "all displays" does not work.If you need help with additional options using the xfce4-panel you can always type xfce4-panel --help, this will displays the xfce4-panel options I hope this helps anyone with similar problems, feedback is always welcome En Zo yeaaa. mine just suddenly dissapered and like I dont know wat to do....... If you are using and ACER notebook, you can use the ACER e Recovery Maanagement, then select the "Reinstall applications/drivers", from here just follow it step by step, but be sure to select only the driver for the LAUNCH MANANGER to avoid accidentally reformating your system. click that and then click the little blue question mark icon and it will help you with the help topics OR you can just click any empty space down there on the taskbar and then click properties. and a window will pop up that lets you choose which icons are visible and which are hidden.. Unfortunately, if the options to check them are grayed out like above in the Notification Area tab, then you have to hack the registry.First, make sure to backup the registry in case something goes wrong. After a few moments, you’ll see the following key with two entries on the right hand side: Icon Streams and Past Icon Stream.For some strange reason, many Vista users have to deal with missing volume and network icons on a regular basis!Even after I upgraded to Windows Vista SP1, my volume and network connection icons would just disappear from the system tray.

### Open a terminal session(Press Alt F2) ### In the terminal type xfce4-panel -a In this screen you get the option to add functions to the panel.Add all the nessacary ones, (some defaults that I remember are)Clock, Tasklist, Volume etc.Each Time you add a new function to the panel you may have to type (xfce4-panel -a) again in the terminal to load the list. I hate calling those people as much as the next person but they help fix the problem especially if you have tried diagnostics, unplugging your router restarting and all that other crud.. Now open the registry editor by going to Start and typing in regedit into the Instant box. You want to right-click on both of those and delete them.Once you delete those two keys from the registry, restart your computer.

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Usually, all your icons will come back automatically, but if they don’t, just go to the Notification Area tab under Start Menu properties and check off the icons you want to have appear again.

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