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Dean: Most of the time I'm sleeping, if not then I'm in bed watching TV and will most likely fall asleep. As I said, I'm not into the whole online dating thing. Then yeah, we got a problem and you need to make up your mind. Unless clear boundaries are made or discussed I see no problem with someone I'm seeing dating multiple people. Most of the stuff that gets described as "crazy" behavior following a breakup is just someone dealing with rejection and pain. If the relationship is going longer than, let's say, two months? But after a month of seeing each other a couple of times a week, absolutely not. But also, like — I don't go mute immediately after. Brad: I try to avoid this unless they actually are doing things that are reminiscent of a crazy person.The first is the action that is, by its very nature, so closely related to the sexual desires that they serve no other purpose except to stimulate and arouse the persons involved.Some examples of these would be: prolonged and passionate kissing, impure embracing or petting, and sexual intercourse.It is a terrible situation when we ourselves fall into mortal sin, but when we have the soul of another in our hands, we must be equally careful not to lead them into sin. Sure sometimes I'll pay for the date, but other times there is a genuine feel of sharing the bill. Dean: I'm always happy to pay for dates and always will.

Dean: Wanting to know where you are, who you're with, and what you're doing 23 hours of the day. You want to be around them every second of every day and they're all you can think about. A pretty good sign is when you are constantly thinking about them and can't wait to see them next. Javi: If it were up to me all dates would be on the couch eating pizza. Plus, who says I want to be alone on the couch eating pizza? The second kind of action is anything that is in and of itself morally good or neutral, which does not have as its sole purpose the stimulation of the sexual passions.Some examples of these would be: dancing with a boyfriend/girlfriend, holding hands, kissing, affectionate or friendly embracing. but, like, if you're doing or saying things you normally wouldn't do/say, there's a chance the title of "crazy" might get thrown around. Javi: If it's my girlfriend I don't divulge much out of respect. I'm a pretty private person and I like to keep it that way. Brad: "Clingy" comes up when someone starts getting angry that you're not being responsive — even when you are. Now when I was with them we both might have done things deemed crazy, but I don't call any of my exes that. I've been lucky and haven't really experienced this, it's all been amicable… I'll say I'm dating someone, but what I do with them is our business.

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