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But musical numbers like last season’s “Dirty Dancing” homage and now “I Go to the Zoo” have earned him our affection … After literally dancing around each other for the past half-season, the two fell into each other’s arms on last week’s episode.In this week’s hour, they seemed poised to take their relationship further, with Nathaniel showing up to whisk Rebecca away just as she’s about to be confronted by her friend over her various deceptions. For three seasons, fans have watched her juggle life and love as she unravels at the seams, something all too relatable for the modern viewer.And this season, she’s developed a new love interest that’s only made things more complicated.

CEXG fans were a little skeptical of Nathaniel at first.Fitting, since he exudes a corporate sense of toxic masculinity that would make even the mildest feminist cringe.Scott Michael Foster, the actor who plays Nathaniel, couldn’t be further from the new problematic love interest he portrays.Foster also had recurring roles on Californication, Halt and Catch Fire, and Once Upon a Time.Link to Wikipedia biography Lepoivre quotes [1] "Do you know your exact time of birth?

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