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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Internet Dating These days for finding a good catch, There’s or there’s match.Thought I would write a humourous poem about the joys of internet dating and the stranger characters you get on here. They know we’re down and broken hearted, And easily from cash we’re parted.Let me not to the marriage of true minds Admit impediments.Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove.They’re freaks for sure it’s plain to see, The only normal one is me. debonairthe one with bad toupee, no hairhonestly jack, just go barehis first line is about my big tittsand thinks on his eyebrows i will sitand don't ya love the dumby dumbsas thick as wood who make me numbthey must still be sucking their thumbcause four coherent words they cannot writewhy can't these fools spell one word right? (I don’t care.)She already has her cup It sits between her two d-cups My eyes, if wondered, god help me As we all know... We exchange some niceties, We talk of work, of families, She learns I don’t work, the fire Goes colder one notch in her eye.honest, i don't expect all that muchjust be polite and me don't touchespecially when we're going dutchdon't think i'm just a desperate broadthese men are way way way too forward Very nice there, ladies. I learn she had a bad divorce, Fifteen kids, she raised them all, She worked and slaved and for what? I say I was accomplished once And had a fat job, but all I lost For I quit the rat race, had enough Better off on small income. They took most of it, with them, no glory In child birth, in a womb prolapsed You have your viagra, sugar and prostate, “We both know it’s impossible Yet we seek, we search, it’s that simple For nature has been outgrown By men, and women; we are prone“To die, yet we remain In hope, to find the ultimate domain Of heaven, here on earth, The eternal search for love’s rebirth.“So let us drink, from this chalice Of Second Cup, or of Starbucks, No sex; coffee is what we do now, Tomorrow? I don’t know.”We drank up, we departed, Into the snow, into the darkness, One small step for a man, out of the shop, One giant leap for a man, toward his plot.Then you sit and watch the clocks, Checking hourly your inbox, And just when you are feeling blue, You spot a message sent to you.

Because fate us surely drew, Wed be the best from all the globe Our light would glow and strobe.The strangest people you can get, A giant python for their pet. She looks like her own grandmother As I step through the door She prims her eyebrows once again Coz I stepped in; to her, a man.I see why they are on the shelf, I’m more into cats myself. Here's my take on my experienceif one more desperate geeky freakdecides that he wants to rub my feeteven before we ever meeti think i'll puke into my shoeand let him lick the ooey gooor that suave mr. We quickly identify ourselves And I sit, brushing the snow off my head She asks how the drive was here I say, I took the subway.You sign up feeling all intrigued, Do they have the man for me, Why not you say, as joining’s free.You start to write a great profile, And post the shot with your best smile, You give yourself a great review, Surely they will flock to you.

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