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One side depicts Albrecht along with the date and legends. Johann Hugo von Orsbeck was Archbishop Trier from 1675 until his death in 1711.The other side features and Eagle with an “S” on its chest, signifying Sigismund I, King of Poland, along with Albrecht’s abbreviated name and titles. The Archbishopric of Trier was one of the most powerful in Germany. He helped chose Joseph I as the successor to Leopold the Hogmouth as Holy Roman Emperor.The position held special privileges as it was one of only seven electors who chose the Holy Roman Emperor and controlled the territory between France and the Rhine. He ruled during a difficult period of time for Trier.This silver 3 Albus coin of Trier is called a Petermenger. France, under Louis XIV, repeatedly invaded and occupied Trier.

Of the 37 total men who replied to her, every single one wanted to meet up — making it seem like some men will just never understand why women don't want unrequested d*** pics.'I'd initially hoped the guys would see how invasive it is to receive such intimate photos from a stranger,' Kerry explained.

Instead, she searched online and eventually settled on one that had her skin tone and looked 'cute'.

She then downloaded Bumble, a dating app she chose because it allows users to send pictures within the app, instead of having to move to actual text messages.

'Prostitution is not an illegal act in Germany, but not paying tax on earned money is.'Consequently we are assessing her case and it looks likely she will have to pay around half of the sum she gained.'The Romanian-born computer studies student's visa allows her to work in Germany for 90 days - even as a prostitute.

One tax expert said: 'Even if she was taxed as a purveyor of erotic moments, or whatever she wants to call what she did, she would have to pay tax on it.

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A few others were less obscene — but no less unintentionally comical — in their replies.

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