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If there’s one campaign that encapsulates the whole history and meaning of Super Bowl ads, it’s Budweiser’s long-running series of commercials featuring the company’s horse mascots.The first Clydesdale Super Bowl ad aired in 1986, calling back to a promotional gimmick that Anheuser-Busch came up with in the '30s to celebrate the end of Prohibition.The commercial is then of course put online, where it will quickly generate a million hits.This would also be a good time to note that the NFL has trademarked the name Super Bowl, which is why you almost never hear anyone mention it in commercials.And that’s before paying what Quartz estimates to be more than million per 30 seconds airtime.Observed from a distance, the modern Super Bowl commercial is a bizarre example of a consumerist culture run amok.Almost invariably, each year's crop of commercials will be called worse than last year's crop.

“North Korea’s top hacker has been totally unable to steal AML Bitcoin for two days and Kim is mad,” says the ad. ” the actor, who is a dead ringer for Kim, rants at his hacker, dressed in a military uniform. Sorry Dear Leader.” But, like a spot from American Veterans, a spokesman said the league never gave the green light to the entertaining ad in its bid to maneuver around politically-tinged advertisements.

But on a micro level, the evolution of these ads — and of the attention we pay to them — says a lot about how American business and entertainment have changed.

Everything from advances in special effects to variations in gender politics and an increasingly polarized America can be traced via what airs on TV between touchdowns.

Over the past three decades, Bud’s Clydesdale ads have been at times nostalgic, ironic, comic, and sentimental. In 20, the brewer told a jokey mini story about a donkey dreaming of joining the team.

And with 2013’s "Brotherhood," the brewer and its agency Anomaly (with the help of RSA Films and director Jake Scott, son of Ridley) produced this touching spot that went viral online, thanks in part to some early promotion.

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