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They are also used by adults with incontinence or in certain circumstances where access to a toilet is unavailable.

These can include those of advanced age, patients bed-bound in a hospital, individuals with certain types of physical or mental disability, diaper fetishists, and people working in extreme conditions, such as astronauts.

Plastic pants can be worn over diapers to avoid leaks, but with modern cloth diapers, this is no longer necessary.

Diapers are primarily worn by infants, toddlers, and by children who are not yet potty trained or who experience bedwetting.

Your Family, Diapers and the Environment Did you know that 6 percent of all the total waste on landfills comes from diapers? One baby contributes to as much as one tonne of diapers per year...

When people think about adult diapers, they usually envision an elderly adult who has unfortunately lost control over their bladder over the years.

Most sources believe nappy is a diminutive form of the word napkin, which itself was originally a diminutive.It is not uncommon for people to wear diapers under dry suits.The Middle English word diaper originally referred to a type of cloth rather than the use thereof; "diaper" was the term for a pattern of repeated, rhombic shapes, and later came to describe a white cotton or linen fabric with this pattern.The first cloth diapers consisted of a specific type of soft tissue sheet, cut into geometric shapes.This type of pattern was called diapering and eventually gave its name to the cloth used to make diapers and then to the diaper itself, which was traced back to 1590s England.

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On top of that, we are the best performing green diaper on the planet according to performance studies and parent reviews.

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