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Nines “tune in” to the feelings and emotions of the people around them.If they are enthusiastic and energised, the Nine will share in this motivation and positivity.They strive for a peaceful existence and appreciate stability, preferring to avoid conflict.At their best, Nines are experienced as self-aware and vibrant.Because emotions seem really intense to the Nine and they long for harmony, they experience most emotions in the low to moderate frequency of intensity.Despite their ability to mediate in conflict situations, Nines dislike connecting with their own anger.Please read our 'Terms and Conditions of Use' carefully before using this site. What are some specific traits or behaviors (not symptoms but examples of specific behaviors) that someone with bordeline PD may exhibit. These are self-mutilation and difficulty recognizing boundaries.And, should you ever tell someone that you think they may me borderline in their behavior and relationship with you? What is the best way to interract when they are being difficult or raging at you? A simple way to understand what is meant by a "boundary," in this context, is the line where one person ends and another person begins.

A Nine may be more hard-headed and stubborn than people who don’t know them may realise.

This stems from a pattern of going along to get along with others and the eventual discomfort that arises when this strategy is not satisfying.

“I am okay as long as the people around me are okay too.

This may take the form of adopting the habits, hobbies, interests or even emotions of the people in their intimate space.

Nines like structured processes, clarity and details and will, therefore, create procedures or habits very quickly.

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