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He'd also lack depth and wouldn't be inclined to think deep thoughts; he wouldn't truly ponder the world (or the universe for that matter) around him. It's solid and sturdy yet too interested in pleasing the masses; it lacks self-awareness. The best I can say about it after all these years is it makes a good starter scent.That, or if you're looking for a dependable versatile go-to and aren't interested in sampling every pick in Sephora.There's no way to go wrong with this one if you're into fresh and clean scents.I’ve been wrestling with this one for awhile, trying to understand its popularity.The composition is built of a perfect harmony of sweet and salty notes of sea water and nuances of sunny warmth on your skin. You might not get noticed or complimented because it is common, but it always is appropriate. I’ve worn this for years, but less in the last couple years. If there was a hall of fame for fragrances, this would be in it. Performance went obviously down with this international success and reformulations as usual but it is still a very good masculine, aquatic and ocean breeze scent.Aqua di Gio is full of scorching Mediterranean sun. A classic versatile, happy summer scent that fits easily into any collector's arsenal.

It's not my go-to anymore, but I still always have some on hand.

Let me tell u guys once I sampled it, I immediately was sold and the women can't stop questioning why I smell so good.

If Acqua di Gio were human he'd be tall, handsome, square-jawed, in reasonably good shape and would have a successful career in business management. It's as obviously well-balanced and composed as it is generic; which in this case is a sad combination.

It currently advertises speeds up to 150 Mbps, which many residences verify.

Lastly, Hughes Net does offer satellite internet service to all neighborhoods through Antelope.

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