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We'll know how many digits to look for based on the first digit of the card number.Here's a PHP example of how we can do this: // This function will take a credit card number and check to make sure it // contains the right amount of digits function validate Creditcard_number($credit_card_number) // Get the user submitted credit card number $credit_card_number = trim($POST['credit_card_number']; // Let's see if this works: echo validate Creditcard_number('4111-1111-1111-1111'); // This is a valid credit card number echo validate Creditcard_number('5558-545f-1234'); // This is not a valid Master Card card number echo validate Creditcard_number('9876-5432-1012-3456'); // This is not a valid credit card number Isn't There Some Credit Card Secret Sauce? Fortunately there is more we can do to validate a credit card to help prevent the smarter bad guys from abusing the system. The Luhn Algorithm is a check sum that verifies a number, in our case a credit card number, is valid and not a random number.When visiting many tutorials demonstrating how to integrate payment gateways, or any payment service API for that matter, you will see examples of how to submit the user supplied data (which is assumed to be submitted by a form) to the payment gateway's API and how to receive the data back to tell if the transaction was approved or not. Net's sample code is a perfect example of that as are tutorials I have written myself.Unfortunately, while helpful in demonstrating how an API works, it fails to demonstrate a real world implementation of the API or that sample code.All of our examples will be in PHP but they should be easily translated into other programming languages as well (if you do feel free to post it in the comments).In this blog post we're going to start off with credit card numbers. Net employees, community members and experts about integrating with the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway: sample code, tutorials, and problem-solving techniques, just to name a few.

In the case of payment gateway integrations there is another drawback.There are lots of pieces of information we can validate and they will vary by application.So we're going to stick to the basics and cover the important ones: credit card number, expiration date, and CVV numbers.If you wish to add any other cards the code below is easily modified to do so.Visa, Master Card, and Discover Card account numbers are always 16 digits long (some Visa card account numbers were 13 digits in length but they are no longer in use) and American Express account numbers are 15 digits long.

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