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Some of those winners and losers had been expected, but the changes that put nonprofit hospitals in the losers’ column came as a surprise.They could be in for significant hits in at least two ways.Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia is among many nonprofit hospitals that would be pinched by the GOP tax bill.Children, family and staff recently gathered for the Intensive Care Nursery’s Reunion.Nonprofit hospitals include most of the largest and most prestigious ones in the Philadelphia area.

Now, nonprofit hospitals face a new threat in the tax reform plans unveiled recently by House and Senate Republicans.

Donors to nonprofit hospitals receive a tax deduction for their contributions but only if they itemize deductions on their tax returns.

Itemization is only worthwhile if deductible expenses add up to more than a standard amount.

First, the plans would limit an important source of financing for expansion.

Nonprofit hospitals raise money for construction projects by issuing tax-exempt bonds that allow investors to avoid paying tax on the interest.

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This reduces the interest rates they have to pay to attract investors, which saves them large amounts in project costs.

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