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Sadhana's factory premises are buzzing with the frenetic energy of two dozen monkeys at least.That is the last thing that the average city-dweller would expect to find at Sadhana Aushadhalaya.Come rain, hail or the ubiquitous hartal devoted customers come seeking immediate attention from the in-house kobiraaj (ayurvedic practitioner).But the Sadhana factory is a herbal medicine manufacturer by day and safe haven for the local monkeys around the clock.But Trier and Ayton made up for all of it themselves, with Arizona then going on a 13-0 run with Trier scoring seven points and Ayton the other six.The run could have been even greater had UA guard Alex Barcello not turned the ball over twice during the stretch.

This letter is in reference to the cover story on "Editing out 1971" published on December 15, 2017 in the Star Weekend magazine. History is the mirror image of a nation, the reality of the past.

A nation is of the people, not of any political party.

Party politics and feuds have been the cause of producing an inconsistent and distorted history from time to time.

It reminds us of the successes and failures of the past and helps us scale new heights.

The Liberation War is our glory and the freedom fighters are our heroes.

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