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When he got there and sat down on the sofa, two men came in with bats or poles and allegedly beat him up, made him take off his clothes and took his phone, money, credit cards, and ID.

She ran in her house and gave him a pair of shorts. He said people need to be careful when online dating.Is biological science better off since the Darwinians took over and expelled all their critics?just said: “How warp-speed evolution is transforming ecology: Darwin thought evolution was too slow to change the environment on observable timescales.Ecologists are discovering that he was wrong.” This shock headline deserves some elaboration, because surely is not about to give up on Darwin and cede biological science to creationism. Rachel Lallensack begins with an example of stick insects.Do green ones and striped ones confirm ‘warp-speed evolution’ by mutation and natural selection?

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-- A naked man was seen running down Highland Avenue in Portsmouth, screaming that he was robbed and needed help.

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