5 things to know about dating a journalist

In honor of their milestone 14th wedding anniversary this year, here are 14 interesting tidbits to expand your knowledge on all things Chip and Jo.

Look who stopped by #Baylor Homecoming this weekend -- @chippergaines & @joannagaines, our 2015 #Baylor Alumni of the Year!

#fromhighwedgestoworkboots A post shared by Joanna Stevens Gaines (@joannagaines) on Their love for wearing the same jeans and boots.

Since getting married in 2003, his go-to stylish combo are Gap jeans and Ariat boots. Clearly, the couple who does denim and dilapidation together, stays together. After mentioning that she always wanted to learn how to play, he surprised her with a set.

returns this Friday with one of the year’s most highly anticipated premieres.Here’s a guide to the new faces you’ll get to know as you binge is a legend before she’s even seen, shattering a Dig Dug record at the local arcade under the user name “Madmax” (which also happens to be the name of the season premiere).A tough-talking redhead, Max initially seems like she considers herself too cool to join the gang, but she eventually becomes a major part of the arc that includes Will, Lucas, Dustin, and Mike — even though not all of the boys want her there.#Sic Em #fixerupper A post shared by Baylor University (@bayloruniversity) on Her dad had a family photo on display at his automotive shop, and according to Chip, he knew she was the one after getting a glimpse of her in that picture.It was actually bad brakes that brought the two together at her dad's shop. Chip wooed Joanna by using a line from one of the auto commercials she appeared in.

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Oh I wish this picture was a scratch 'n sniff... Each rose bush in my garden represents a family member or friend that is near and dear to my heart.

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