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I suspect it may have been done for the business by cake manufacturers Newdick & Co who were also situated close by and are known to have specialized in decorative Xmas tins to market their products. Tip-Top’s ‘Moggy Man’ novelty started out as the iconic baby boomer icy treat the ‘TT2’ in the fifties – and lasted into the 1970s.

I’ve previously written about the historical development of the product here.

DIC grew to at least thirteen stores around the country until it was phased out in 1991, after being taken over by rival Arthur Barnett’s. Santa parade of 1958, along Cambridge Terrace, Wellington.

You can see another 1920s picture of the business here.

It was purchased by Smith and Brown in about 1970 who had a chain of over twenty stores around the country.

You’ll probably have noticed that posting stories at this site tapered off around last March, excepting occasional themed posts around special events.

So although it is true I have been busier than ever, there was something else afoot as well, which brought about this change. Butland, James Smith & Sons, James Smith Limited department stores, Maple Furnishing Co, Mc Call's magazine, Moggy Man, Moggy Man TT2, New Zealand School Journal, New Zealand Woman's Weekly, Newdick & Co cakes, Santa Claus, Santé bar, Titian Studios, TT2, Uncategorized, Whittaker's chocolate, Winstone Limited, Xmas, Xmas Parade on December 25, 2015 at 10.46Foodstuffs Ltd point-of-sale cardboard poster for a Four Square Xmas promotion, probably late 1950s-early 1960s. I just don’t know what happened to this year; I do know that I’ve only managed to post about six times which is a marked difference from the previous years, understatement. December the first marked five years of the Longwhitekid blog.

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