Scarlett johansson and robert downey jr dating

27-year-old Downey was approved for the role of Charlie Chaplin.

By this time he has earned a reputation as a controversial and hot tempered figure in Hollywood, although his acting abilities were never in question.

The actor himself was sitting naked in his Porsche. He was sentenced to a one-year imprisonment and forced to have a compulsory treatment, although that was not helpful.

He remained the main newsmaker, having the tabloids savor his every new outburst.

For the sake of their relationship he has made the effort and changed himself, giving up his addictions and taking up Wing Chun, a form of Kung Fu training, which helps him to stay clean.

In 1990 he did an action comedy film «Air America», co-starring with Mel Gibson.Robert did his first lead role in 1987, as he played a charming ladies' man Jack Jericho who for his own good falls in love with a gambler’s daughter in «The Pick-up Artist» comedy film co-starring Molly Ringwald. became widely known in 1987, after the premiere of «Less Than Zero» criminal drama film.He performed as a young man named Julian who has become cocaine addict and drug dealer, taking up with the wrong guys and getting himself in trouble.As it turned out later, during this period Robert’s personal life came close to Julian’s story: Downey had just switched to heavy drugs.The drug treatment program at the rehabilitation center helped him to recover for a while, but Robert's struggle with the drug and alcohol abuse continued for a long time.

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As he admitted, he spent his childhood living among drug addicts and alcoholics.

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