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The GBCFPC does not have signs in the waiting room disclosing the capacity of their services, but the disclosure can be found in pamphlets on display in the waiting room. The regulation of commercial or professional speech generally receives a lower level of scrutiny "because the regulation is a routine exercise of the state's police power." To identify commercial speech, the court considered three factors: "(1) is the speech an advertisement; (2) does the speech refer to a specific product or service; and (3) does the speaker have an economic motivation for the speech." Greater Baltimore Ctr. Nor is there a professional board or disciplinary panel that certifies their employees and regulates their conduct. The court did note that if evidence existed to demonstrate that the public was in fact being harmed or misled by deceptive advertisements this requirement could be met. Plaintiffs sought antitrust standing under §4 of the Clayton Act, 15 U. Plaintiffs alleged damages and expert analysis included contributions of eggs from non-conspirators to the price-fixing scheme.

First, all egg products begin as shell eggs laid by hens.

In applying heightened scrutiny, the court held the ordinance was over-inclusive even though it was motivated by "plainly important" interests in "address[ing] allegedly deceptive advertising and [preventing] health risks that can accompany delays in seeking to end a pregnancy." Extended Summary: In 2009, Baltimore City enacted an ordinance requiring "any 'limited-service pregnancy center' to post a disclaimer in its waiting room notifying clients that it 'does not provide or make referral for abortion or birth-control services.'" The ordinance defined a "limited-service pregnancy center" as any entity that provided pregnancy-related services, but did not provide information or services related to abortions. §1983 against the City of Baltimore for violation of the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment. Professional speech is most commonly found in connection with occupations and entities that are subject to comprehensive state licensing, accreditation, or disciplinary schemes. David William Kinkopf, GALLAGHER EVELIUS & JONES LLP, Baltimore, Maryland, for Appellee. Metzger, Anatoly Smolkin, GALLAGHER EVELIUS & JONES LLP, Baltimore, Maryland; Mark L. Area of Law: Antitrust Law, Clayton Act Issue(s) Presented: Whether §4 of the Clayton Act allows plaintiffs to sue for treble damages when the alleged damages include contributions from non-conspiring parties.

The Greater Baltimore Center for Pregnancy Concerns (GBCFPC) is a non-profit Christian organization that provides non-abortion related pregnancy services. First, the Fourth Circuit identified the type of speech that the ordinance was aiming to regulate. Mayor & City Council of Baltimore, 721 F.3d 264 (4th Cir. In Maryland, pregnancy centers are not subject to licensure or state regulatory schemes. In this regard, the court found that the City's interests in addressing allegedly deceptive advertising and preventing health risks that accompany delays in seeking to end a pregnancy were "plainly important." However, the court further found there was little to no evidence to support the contention that any deception or harm had actually occurred. Rienzi, THE BECKET FUND FOR RELIGIOUS LIBERTY, Washington, D. Brief Summary: Plaintiffs represented direct purchasers of egg products from defendant suppliers. §15(a), to sue defendants for price-fixing scheme that resulted in overcharging for egg products.

The Fourth Circuit found that the ALJ's decision to award benefits was not supported by substantial evidence. Subsequently, Consolidation Coal Company brought an appeal in the Fourth Circuit, petitioning for a review of the ALJ's order.

In 2004, following proceedings before the ALJ and the Benefits Review Board, Latusek was again awarded benefits. On remand, the ALJ awarded benefits and the Benefits Review Board affirmed.

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