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I would then be able to communicate that better with my colleague. Something is checked into the master repository that triggers a global update (such as a DAT file) 2. A signal is sent out to all super agents (whether they host a repo or not) 4.

OK, here's a brief explanation Super agents (sans the repo) are used to propagate super agent broadcast calls. Each Super Agent sends out a broadcast call on its network segment directing all agents that hear this call to perform an update So because the super agents send out a broadcast call and broadcast calls are not propagated beyond their network segment you would have to put a super agent on each network segment for this to work but you may not want a distributed repository on each network segment. Can a Distributed Repository work without the existence of a Super Agent? Hi Ben OK, this is the simplest I can make it.....normally these type of questions involve professional services costs....

Hi All, I have a Windows 2003 Server which I would like to use as a Mc Afee Repository servers.

Basically it downloads from the internet all the SDAT updates etc, and the client PC's connected to the domain will receive these SDAT files.

Hi Ben Sorry I have been out on business this last two days :) You need to create a Mc Afee agent policy that has the super agent configured as the first update source via ping time This is done in epo so will need to be done by the guy who runs epo If you need detailed steps then let me know and I will provide steps in the morning as it's 11pm in the uk Hi Simon, Thank you for your reply. I'm still working on this case with my colleagues in Colombia. When a Server is assigned a "Super Agent" status by the e PO server via a policy that is sent, does this automatically make this particular AD Server (with the Super Agent status) a Repository Server?

Step 2: How do I get the client PC's to update their SDAT files from the Repository Server (which is supposed to be the AD Server)?

Hi, Do you have enterprise mcafee solution, if so install EPO Console and it will update all the clients accordingly. I'm very much a rookie in this area, so I'm not even sure what the e PO server does.

So here's the scenario, the e PO server is located in Colombia.

The AD Servers who have been assigned a "Super Agent" status by the e PO server from Colombia, are now Repository Servers. When an e PO server assigned (i think via policy) a server to become a Super Agent, that Super Agent server basically now becomes a Repository Server.

Hi Ben No problems at all :-) The best method would to be to install a local e PO server on the AD Server and manage the agents locally with your own defined e PO policies and agent, but if that's not an option, you need someone who controls the main e PO server to configure the AD Server as the Super Agent and then tell the Agents to pick up their DAT files from the Super Agent. If so I can tell you what you need to do Cheers Simon Hi Simon. I had a chat with a colleague who runs the e PO server in Colombia.

He has already made the AD server as a repository server.

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Hi Simon, my apologies, but I couldn't understand or rather "picture" your explanation. Sim, i need to know how to get the clients to update from the AD Server, which seems to be a Super Agent. The Super Agent tells the e PO Agents to update The Super Agent tells the e PO Agents to update from their Distributed Repository The clients won't be updating from the AD server as I'd say it's not configured correctly....it's probably pointing to the e PO server....

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