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so will have epo will download required sdat and will be updated to the client as per schedule Yes I need a Mc Afee Distributed Repository. I need to set up a server that downloads the SDAT files and then pushes it to the clients. All I do know is that I have a Windows 2003 Server, which has Mc Afee installed and the agent which communicates with the e PO server located in a different country.The Windows 2003 server needs to be able to download the latest SDAT files and push it to all the clients.Hi Ben Sorry I have been out on business this last two days :) You need to create a Mc Afee agent policy that has the super agent configured as the first update source via ping time This is done in epo so will need to be done by the guy who runs epo If you need detailed steps then let me know and I will provide steps in the morning as it's 11pm in the uk Hi Simon, Thank you for your reply. I'm still working on this case with my colleagues in Colombia. When a Server is assigned a "Super Agent" status by the e PO server via a policy that is sent, does this automatically make this particular AD Server (with the Super Agent status) a Repository Server?Step 2: How do I get the client PC's to update their SDAT files from the Repository Server (which is supposed to be the AD Server)?What I basically need to do is set up a server (the AD Server running on windows 2003 server) which has Mc Afee running on it. And then these files need to be distributed to all the client's PC's, which are resident in the same area.

And how do the clients PC's wait for the file to be sent by the main server and then for this latest SDAT file to be executed automatically on the user's PC, updating the version of their virus definitions?This is to prevent the clients from downloading the SDAT files from the internet, in order to save on bandwidth.OK, as you don't know much about e PO, you need to have a read of the evaluation guide attached There are instructions on how to create a distributed repository, but you will need to know a bit more about e PO If you want a distributed repository, it's easy, but if it's geographically different, you might want to look at installing a local e PO server and then getting the e PO server to communicate with the master e PO server Have a read and come back with what you want to do Cheers Simon plugin-epo-450Simon..apologies for my ignorance in this area.So you put a Super Agent on each network segment." But why would you want a Distributed Repository on each network segment? So this is the amount of IP's updating from the e PO Server. My bad :) Cheers Si Hi Simon, I've been told there are four ways to set up a Distributed Repository: 1. I don't see the difference here between the Super Agent and the Distributed Repository.

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