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Many wine enthusiasts will not use a crystal decanter until the very day a vintage red wine is due to be opened.A crystal decanter is not necessarily suited for long-term storage of wine, but rather as a receptacle for wine served during a dinner or other event.A decanter's appeal is not always in its function, but often in its form.A decanter is quite often carved from lead crystal or other decorative glass.Instead, it receives the clarified wine after the contents have been carefully and slowly poured from the original bottle.A wine enthusiast will start the decanting process by unsealing a red wine held in storage.The Gaelic name of whisky, visgebeatha, was progressively developing to usky, then whisky.

Once the majority of the red wine has been poured into the decanter, it is stoppered to prevent spillage.Opration consistant a verser le vin de sa bouteille d"origine dans une carafe afin d'amplifier et stimuler le bouquet.Un vin parfaitement oxygn s'ouvre au nez, ses armes se dveloppent, le fruit s'exprime et ses tannins s'arrondissent." decanters are usually square shaped glass or crystal flasks designed to hold decanted whisky, scotch, or bourbon and to be used as server.Cane cutting was named after its resemblance to the pattern of seat caning, and is also often referred to as chair bottom.Thistle flower-shaped versions with matching stoppers probably first appeared in the beginning of the 20th century.

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Square spirit decanters have been the first to be fitted with faceted ball stoppers, usually with seventy-two facets, each one polished from a moulded blank.

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