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For example, the husband may take up to four wives at one time, provided that he can treat them equally; a woman, however, can have only one husband at a time.Despite the legality of polygyny, only 3 percent of marriages in the 1980s were polygynous, the same as a decade earlier.Adult status is customarily bestowed only on married men and, frequently, only on fathers.In traditional North African society, family patriarchs ruled as absolute masters over their extended families, and in Libya the institution seems to have survived somewhat more tenaciously than elsewhere in the area.

Parents arranged marriages for their children, finding a mate either through their own social contacts or through a professional matchmaker.Despite the changes in urban and rural society brought about by the 1969 revolution, the revolutionary government has repeatedly stated that the family is the core of society.The 1973 census, the last for which complete data were available in mid-1987, showed that the typical household consisted of five to six individuals and that about 12 percent of the households were made up of eight or more members.Both the monarchical and revolutionary governments enacted statutes improving the position of females with respect to marriage.The minimum age for marriage was set at sixteen for females and at eighteen for males.

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