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After decriminalizing homosexuality under President Boris Yeltsin, in 2012 Russian lawmakers forbade "propaganda of homosexuality among minors," adding further to the stigmatization of the country's LGBT community.

A majority of Russians still considers homosexuality an illness and supports calls for government intervention to remedy the problem.

The gang beat up the homeless and immigrants from Central Asia and posted the videos online.

He calls his campaign "Occupy Pedophilia" in the style of the "Occupy" protests against Wall Street and the banking industry by anticapitalist protesters.

In fact, Martsinkevich has little time for Occupy's left-wing ideals. For months now he has been posting video clips online that show him and his accomplices harassing gay men.

"Greetings, my young friends of extremism," Martsinkevich begins his videos, in which he lures gay men to apartments on dates and then abuses them.

This terribly, terribly written article sounds like a promotional advertisement for the subject, and takes no social responsibility.

It reveals the ugly state of mind of the person who wrote it, the person who published it.

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