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Thinking is messy, while standards documents are nothing if not orderly.When Harold Howe II, who was President Johnson’s commissioner of education, was asked what national standards should be like if we had to have them, he summarized a lifetime of wisdom in four words: They should be “as vague as possible.” Second, meaningful education is compromised when standards are chosen on the basis of whether they lend themselves to measurement.If you are new to WRP, then click the 'About Us' link to learn more.If would like to become a user of the WRP system, then click on the 'Register Now! If you are already signed-up to use the WRP system, then you can 'Sign In' by entering your email address, your password, and by clicking the 'Sign In' button. CEO Kevin Tsujihara made clear that he wanted the superhero movie to come in under two hours.The “mandate” of sorts came in the wake of the bloated 151-minute runtime of was a unique process.Unfortunately, as Harold Berlak, a former professor of education at Washington University, has pointed out, “Multiculturalism is not primarily about the content of the canon.” It’s about “who has the power to decide” and by what criteria.“A state-mandated multicultural curriculum is an oxymoron.” Educationally speaking, standards are even more problematic when three things are true.

Both are intuitively appealing, but neither survives closer scrutiny.Linda Mc Neil, who teaches education at Rice University, put it well: “Measurable outcomes may be the least significant results of learning.” It’s easier to quantify how many semicolons are used correctly in an essay than how many wonderful ideas it contains.Those who make a fetish of “specific, measurable standards” end up dumbing down the learning.This prospect has raised hackles among those who value democracy in its fullest sense as well as among those who simply distrust the federal government.Critics point out there is no evidence that a national curriculum would raise achievement.

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