Start dating after herpes

If I try to stop taking it, I get a tingling feeling on my right buttock where the original outbreak occurred.

If you have outbreaks on one medication, you may want to switch to another.” The medication decreases the risk of transmission by suppressing outbreaks, but you can transmit herpes even without an outbreak. Although neither strategy is perfect on its own, the combination offers the most protection.

He wouldn’t engage in oral sex with me because he was afraid of herpes.

I was head over heels in love with him, but couldn’t reassure him that I wasn’t Typhoid Mary. At this point, I’m very wary of being honest about my herpes. You do not need to be celibate for the rest of your life because of herpes.

Your date who was diagnosed with prostate cancer was wrong to blame this on you.

Some studies indicate that there might be a link between herpes infection and prostate cancer, but the evidence is not strong yet and, in any case, does not prove that the herpes caused the cancer—there might just be an indirect link.

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Then he decided the prostate cancer was caused by his herpes, and he broke up with me. I told him I had genital herpes and that he should use a condom.

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