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SCP-3055-8 became a part of SCP-3055 after initial containment (see Incident Log 3055-a).

Starting at some time in early 2016, it has been impossible for any member of SCP-3055 to enter or exit a building without being accompanied by the other seven individuals.

Attempts to cause this to happen, both by SCP-3055 and others, have resulted in an unseen force blocking the door of the building in question.

SCP-3055 is also unable to stop its ongoing set of scenes.

It has been observed that members of SCP-3055 can expire and be anomalously reanimated shortly afterwards.

It is believed that the members of SCP-3055 are still driven by human instinct to some degree, and take care of their physical needs in order to avoid discomfort, rather than needing to fulfill these needs to survive.

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