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She also wears blue and white knee socks in "Artful Dodgers", red and white knee socks in "Boys vs Girls", and purple and white knee socks in "Kicking a Ball and Pretending to Be Hurt".She is only ever seen without her cloak when she meditates or uses her telekinetic powers. function(e));define('wikia.article Video.featured Video.cookies',['wikia.cookies'],function(cookies));require(['wikia.window','wikia.geo','wikia.cookies','wikia.tracker','ext.Context','wikia.article Video.featured Video.data', 'wikia.article Video.featured Video.ads','wikia.article Video.featured Tracking','wikia.article Video.featured Video.cookies',require.optional('ext.Engine.lookup.a9')],function(win,geo,cookies,tracker,ad Context,video Details,featured Video Ads,featured Video Moat Tracking,featured Video Cookie Service,a9){if(!video Details)var in Next Video Autoplay Countries=!Raven wears a indigo-colored cloak with a hood that obscures most of her face.Underneath, she wears a leotard-like suit, with long sleeves reaching to her hands, and black shoes with long violet socks.

"White Raven" was also seen in "Breakfast Cheese", when Starfire convinced Raven to try a different style of meditating.

Now further into the series, she is more open to her teammates and even participates in their activities and their wild shenanigans.

With a shadowy past and dark powers, Raven wants to be good, but she's desperately afraid of the darkness within her.

An orange scrunchie was tied onto the right of her head.

At first, Raven is characterized as lethargic, quiet, and rarely happy but passionate and easily enraged.

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She has pale, white skin, black, short hair with dark purple streaks in triangle bangs, purple eyes (similar to Alexandria's Genesis, a fictional genetic altercation related to pale skin and red pink eyes), and a red, diamond shaped gemstone as a bindi on her forehead (known as an Ajna Chakra or Third-Eye Chakra). Four glowing red eyes and sharp fangs appear when she is angered.

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