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So, even while you’re not in a relationship with someone just because you went on a date, it’s important to know that going for a casual drink with a guy would be considered a date in Colombia.

Although my own experience of dating in Colombia is really pretty limited (sob), I’ve canvassed friends of both sexes and have compiled a brief list of tips for him and tips for her in order to avoid heartbreak, dodge the STIs and have yourself a merry little Christmas.

Dating a Colombian man comes with its challenges to say the least. You will love and laugh harder than ever before, but you might also feel other emotions exponentially: jealousy, rage and maybe even obsession.

I decided to reach out to a few women who share their experiences of meeting and dating a Colombian man.

Most of the foreign girls I’ve met who live in Bogota have moved because of their partners.

Although Colombians travel abroad, they eventually feel the need to come back to their homeland and be close to their family.” -Anonymous “Colombian men seem to be generally quite sensitive so this can be something that brings some extra drama (or romance) to relationships.

Most of Colombian ladies are conservative with a wonderful unspoiled attitude ready to devote themselves totally to marriage.

They are seeking kind, devoted men who want a monogamous relationship in marriage.“Your experience going out with a Colombian man differs based on the region which he is from.For example, men from central Colombian are more open and it’s not as common for them to date different women at the same time.Girls are very unlikely to approach you, or make the first move.That isn’t to say that they’re uninterested though.

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