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Their first song, After Love, topped the charts for eight consecutive weeks. Island, which stands for Five Treasure Island, debuted on May 27, 2007.I remember thinking they were all extremely young, even though three of them were older than Velexa.

I was thinking about all those rules and shit in KPOP, and wondered who were still virgins and who were not.It really does, so when this scandal broke out I was highly upset and shocked about it. I was wrong to do so and it’s highly illegal even if it was censored or not. It’s still illegal even if she is above the age of 18, so *bows* I apologize. Hopefully, we’ll hear from Ailee’s agency real soon. They are all upset that All Kpop released the nude pictures in the first place embarrassing Ailee, but of course they don’t want to give heat to the people who posted the nude pictures first. I don’t like it when females take the nude pictures of themselves or the people that leak the pictures.But, fans are doing their own investigative work to prove that it’s not Ailee. I don’t like how people can give a pass on the girl taking the nude pictures as if it’s not partially her fault. How can you trust somebody that much to send them nudes? We have to think about this statement, if it’s not her they could have denied it, but they didn’t. This is seriously hurting her image and to say that…it’s hurting it even more.

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